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Join this rascally rabbit on a splashing journey through Medieval England and the "Black Knight's Castle." Guests will pass through the Black Knight's treacherous castle and experience the antics of Bugs Bunny, the court jester, as he is commissioned to use his wits and reclaim the Singing Sword. The Bugs' White Water Rapids was carefully themed to follow the only Academy Award-winning Bugs Bunny cartoon, "Knighty Knight Bugs," first enjoyed by audiences in 1958. The cartoon short features court jester Bugs Bunny, the Black Knight (Yosemite Sam) and his faithful fire-breathing dragon. Guests will join Bugs on his voyage through the Black Knight's castle and the escapade, traveling up three lifts and down two dramatic drops on this splashy, animated adventure.

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Bug's White Water Rapids
Status   Operational
Type  Water Ride
Manufacturer  O.D. Hopkins
Model  Log Flume

Opened  1998
Height  30ft
Duration  4:00
Other  2 Drops

Min Height  42"
Other Requirements  36-42" must ride with adult.

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