F.A.Q. & Tips

Where is Six Flags Fiesta Texas located?

Fiesta Texas is located 15 minutes from downtown at Interstate 10 West and Loop 1604; take Exit 555. VIA Metropolitan Transit offers bus service from downtown and Crossroads Mall on Route 94 during the summer months.

When is the best time of the season to visit?

Before summer, late summer, early autumn.

What is the weather like right now?

The weather report can be found on our homepage. It provides a live temperature reading, as well as the outside state.

How much is admission?

Prices range at any given time. Click here for current ticket prices.

I lost an article… where do I go for help!?

Head over to the lost and found center (Hospitality) in Los Festivales (near the entrance.)

What rides are closed permanently?

Ride closures are subject to change without notice. A ride status listing can be found on park grounds near the entrance.

Where can I find a park map?

Guest Services, and the front gate. You can also download the recent one off of our park information page.

Can I visit the entire park in one day?

Yes. The park is designed to allow guests to fit in all rides during one day. Though if you would like twice the fun, considering going for two days.

What rides are kid friendly?

A lot of the rides are kid friendly and you’ll know them when you see them. If you would like a list of attractions for the young ones, click on the attraction guide for kiddie rides.

What is the best seat on a ride?

The most popular seats are the front seats and the back seats.

Is there extra admission for the water park?

No, the water park is included in the general park admission. However, there is a fee for lockers.

Where do I purchase a Season Pass?

You can purchase one at the ticket booth at the gates. Season passes are sold during certain times of the year – times & prices may vary. Six Flags offers the same price for a season pass when purchasing online.

What does SFFT Stand for?

Six Flags Fiesta Texas

Pick up a park map!

Park maps & information brochures are available at the park entrance. For an easy day of finding your way around, this brochure will help you get where and what you need for a perfect day of fun!

Daily Trip Planning

Stop by our Hospitality Center and have your day planned for you and your family. A Park Representative will assist you in scheduling a fun-filled day with shows, rides, and awesome adventures for everyone. To save time, eat lunch during times when other people wouldn’t normally. Doing this can save both time and energy.

Can I go on that ride?

For the safety of all park guests, some rides have height and size restrictions. Fiesta Texas reserves the right to limit guests from riding any ride if we believe it is not suitable for that guest.

I’m Hungry!

Guests may satisfy their appetites at a variety of restaurants and snack bars located throughout the park. However, bringing food into the park is not permitted under any circumstances.

Lose anybody lately?

People separated from their families or groups should report to the Hospitality Center in Los Festivales, or the Mother’s House in Spassburg. Please ask any of our Hosts or Hostesses for assistance.

What do I wear?

All park guests must wear attire suitable for a family park, including shirts, shoes, and shorts. Bathing suits are allowed only in the water park. Thong, denim or cut-off swimwear is not permitted. No clothing with metal buttons or rivets will be allowed in the water park.

Lose something?

Claim or report missing articles at the lost and found center in Los Festivales, just inside the front gate. Please ask any of our Hosts or Hostesses for assistance.

Secure loose articles!

When going on some of the more intense rides, be sure to take advantage of the storage cubbies in the stations. You may leave loose items here and pick them up when you return.