Fiesta Bay Boardwalk

A boardwalk style themed area featuring many traditional carnival flat rides that you would find at a typical boardwalk amusement park. This area features many of the attractions that are known as iconic symbols of the park.

Roller Coasters


This ride will take you on a spinning and diving adventure!

You’ll corner the track and spin your way through the twists and turns of helices and camelbacks, all while the car is spinning in circles!! When the ride is over and you’ve made your way through the exit, there will be just one thing to do… GET BACK IN LINE!!


  • Status: Operational
  • Type: Roller Coaster
  • Manufacturer: Gerstlauer
  • Model: Spinning
  • Opened: 2007
  • Length: 1,351
  • Height: 53ft
  • Speed: 31mph
  • Duration: 1: 51
  • Other: 27ft Drop
  • Requirements: Min Height 47″
  • Other Requirements: 42-47″ must ride with an adult

Flat Rides

Crow’s Nest

This 90 foot Ferris wheel will provide you an excellent and relaxing view of the park.

Crow’s Nest Ferris Wheel is your everyday ferris wheel. It fits in well with the rest of the rides on Fiesta Bay Boardwalk because it’s very colorful and very bright. It looks very cool at night with its miniature lights show it puts on for passer-byers and it makes Fiesta Texas’ skyline look even better. You get a nice view of the park from the top! Perfect spot for pictures and even better spot for nice relaxation.


  • Status: Operational
  • Type: Flat Ride
  • Manufacturer: Chance Morgan
  • Model: Ferris Wheel
  • Opened: 1994
  • Height: 90ft.
  • Speed: 0.4rpm
  • Duration: 5: 00
  • Other: 20 Gondolas
  • Requirements: Min Height 42″
  • Other Requirements: Under 42″ must ride with an adult. No Infants.


This ride is an exhilarating, fast, spinning, and swinging adventure all combined into one.

Frisbee is a very intense Huss Frisbee. It’s one of the guests’ favorite rides at the park. Frisbee is a combination of swinging and spinning at the same time and it proves why flat rides are also known as “spin and puke” rides.


  • Status: Operational
  • Type: Flat Ride
  • Manufacturer: Huss
  • Model: Huss
  • Opened: 1998
  • Height: 63ft.
  • Speed: Pendulum Speed: 31mph / Passenger Speed: 50mph
  • Duration: 3: 30
  • Other: 85 degree swing.
  • Requirements: Max Height 77″, Min Height 54″
  • Other Requirements: 50-54″ must ride with an adult

Wave Runner

A classic boardwalk-themed Scrambler located on a boardwalk!

Wave Runner is a great model of the classic “scrambler” ride. You really feel like you are riding some waves on this fun frenzy. It’s perfect for the whole family to enjoy.


  • Status: Operational
  • Type: Flat Ride
  • Manufacturer: Eli Bridge
  • Model: Scrambler
  • Opened: 1994
  • Speed: 11rpm
  • Duration: 3: 00
  • Requirements Min Height 48″
  • Other Requirements: 36-48″ can ride with an adult

For the Kids

Little Castaways

This is a great miniature version of the very popular flat ride known as “tea cups”. It’s full of spins and you get to spin yourself too. The kiddos love this ride.


  • Status: Operational
  • Type: Kids Flat Ride
  • Manufacturer: Zamperla
  • Model: Mini Tea Cups
  • Opened: 1994
  • Duration: 2 min
  • Requirements: Min Height Walking age with adult. 36″ to ride alone.
  • Other Requirements: Adults must be accompanied by a child 54″ or under