A flash back into time! Rockville features many prime attractions that are all retro-themed. You can be launched back into the past on Poltergeist or be launched 200ft into the sky on Scream!

Roller Coasters


Launched from 0-60 mph in just 3.5 seconds, this poltergeist has no mercy on its guests who happened to stumble upon this old, boarded up house. Poltergeist blasts guests out of the station at 60 mph, into a cobra roll, and after that it’s just one big mess of head-chopping track!


  • Status: Operational
  • Type: Roller Coaster
  • Manufacturer: Premier Rides
  • Model: LIM Spagetti Bowl
  • Opened: May 28, 1999
  • Length: 2,705ft.
  • Height: 79ft.
  • G-Force: 4.5g’s.
  • Inversions: 4
  • Speed: 60mph.
  • Duration: 1:15
  • Memorabilia: Photos available
  • Requirements: Min Height 54″

Flat Rides


Formerly known as Dornroschen, is a beautiful carousel with some classic music. Children and adults alike love this ride!


  • Status: Operational
  • Type: Flat Ride (Carousel)
  • Model: Morgan/Carousel
  • Opened: 1992
  • Duration: 5:00
  • Requirements: Min Height 42″
  • Other Requirements: Under 42″ must ride with an adult. Lap children on chariots only.


A “hyped-up” classic carnival spinning tea cups attraction themed to billiards.

The Hustler is a hyped up tea cups ride. You spin your ball as fast as you can by pulling a wheel in your ball. At the same time, the ball itself is rolling around the pool table. Be sure you don’t get hustled!


  • Status: Operational
  • Type: Flat Ride
  • Manufacturer: Chance Morgan
  • Model: Billiard Ball Tea Cups
  • Opened: 1992
  • Requirements: Min Height 36″


Scream is a 210 foot tower that launches you up then lets gravy pull you back down to earth.

An exhilarating tower ride that shoots you up, down, and makes your stomach turn. Although it may look quite intimidating to park goers, dont worry! I promise it’s a whole lot of fun. This ride has three different modes. Space Shot-shoots you up. Turbo Drop-lifts you up slowly, drops you down. And Combo Mode- a combination of Space Shot and Turbo Drop. Six Flags FIesta Texas runs all three towers of Scream! in Combo Mode so that guests get a flavor of everything the ride has to offer.


  • Status: Operational
  • Type: Flat Ride
  • Manufacturer: S&S; Power
  • Model: Triple Tower Complex
  • Opened: March 13, 1999
  • Height: 200ft.
  • Speed: 55mph.
  • Duration: 1:00
  • Requirements: Min Height 52″

Water Rides

Power Surge

This water attraction sends riders 30 feet into the air, then crashes them into the water below, creating a tidal wave splash that will soak ride patrons and observers.

Power Surge is a water ride that makes quite a splash. The drop features two “dips” and the result is quite a shocker… I mean, “soaker”! Some people don’t even ride it, they just stand on the bridge and get soaking wet!!


  • Status: Off Season
  • Type: Water Ride
  • Manufacturer: Intamin
  • Model: Splashdown
  • Opened: March 1992
  • Length: 808 ft.
  • Height: 50 ft.
  • Speed: 36 mph
  • Duration: 2 min, 34 sec
  • Requirements: Min Height 42″

For the Kids

Daffy’s School Bus Express

A kiddie “magic carpet ride” school bus driven by Daffy Duck. Rides made by Huss. The wheels on this bus definitely go round and round as Daffy takes the kids on a fun little ride.


  • Status: Operational
  • Type: Kiddie Flat Ride
  • Manufacturer: Huss
  • Model: Magic Carpet
  • Opened: 1999
  • Requirements: Min Height 42″ to ride alone.
  • Other Requirements: Walking age-42″ must ride with adult. Adults must be accompanied by a child under 54″.

Motorama Turnpike

Take a relaxing tour around downtown Rockville in classic 1950s sports cars!

Motorama Turnpike consists of two different tracks. Usually only one is running with cars on it but on overcrowded days, both tracks do run. It’s a great family ride. It takes you on a tour of rockville. You wind around part of the area and get to take a breath of relaxation but your kids get to have a blast honking the horn. (or the inner-child in you can do it as well.)


  • Status: Operational
  • Type: Car Ride
  • Manufacturer: Chance Morgan
  • Model: Misc Rides
  • Opened: 1992
  • Speed: 5 mph
  • Duration: 3 min, 30 sec
  • Requirements: Min Height 42″ ride alone or drive.
  • Other Requirements: Under 42″ must ride as a passenger and must be accompanied by an adult. No infants.

Taz’s Tornado

Let Taz take you on a spinning, swinging adventure!

Taz’s Tornado is a very thrilling swing ride. Swings hang out over Taz’s arms and Taz begins to spin, causing the swings to angle out.


  • Status: Operational
  • Type: Kiddie Flat Ride
  • Model: Spinning Swings
  • Opened: 1999
  • Duration: 1 min, 30 sec
  • Other: 10 rotations
  • Requirements: Min Height 42″ to ride alone
  • Other Requirements: Walking age to 42″ must ride with adult. Adults must be accompanied by a child under 54″.